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Security Cameras

GetConnected AV has the experienced professionals to design and install your security camera or CCTV camera system. Whether your interest is commercial or residential, we combine industry leading equipment with quality service to identify your needs and deliver the perfect security camera setup. Our experts combine factors such as resolution, Field of view (Fixed, Varifocal or Motorized Lens), IR distance and weather rating to give you give you a security system that will be reliable and a great investment to protect your property.

Our Process


When you contact us we start by asking the basics in order to design a CCTV system that exceeds your security needs and expectations for years to come.

  • What does the physical location look like? The layout of the premises and the area of coverage you want to protect will help us guide your choice of hardware for your security camera setup. This includes determining the minimum number of cameras you need for your security camera configuration and channels you need for your DVR or NVR.

  • What quality of recording are you looking for? What amount of recording time you would like? These details factor the size of hard-drive you need on your Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder.


We are committed to delivering a professional, reliable, complete, and enjoyable experience from the moment you contact us for a quote, to the moment you see your security camera system in action.

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This is how we work


Let’s brainstorm your project and find the best equipment and systems to fit your needs. 


Let our design team tackle your project. We’ll use our extensive knowledge and expertise to find the best solution for the right price.  


Our team of experienced  technicians are ready to install your project.