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GetConnected has extensive experience installing data cabling and setting up networks in offices, homes, even multi story buildings 

Data, fast and convenient at a competitive price

We offer wiring for POS and Data Network Systems for businesses. Pre-wire for data is important when considering remodel or new construction. Our highly skilled technicians make sure to adhere to all building codes when pre-wiring. When full cable concealment is not an option, our installers will make every effort to conceal the wires by using proper wire management. We also have a full line of residential and commercial wireless network solutions. Create a powerful mesh network your neighbors will be jealous of or get your office the wireless data it needs to succeed. 

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Planning your network. Deciding how much structured cable you need or a wireless solution that will provide you all the data you need. 


If you have blueprints we can get an estimate together quickly. If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 


We have a growing team of technicians with the experience to build a solid data network to suit your needs.