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GetConnected AV, Inc. can design a Dedicated Theater or Media Room that delivers the ultimate viewing experience. Today’s technology allows you to generate the same big, booming audio experience a dedicated home theater has to offer in any room. Bring the movies and fun to you in your very own personal dedicated movie theater room! Our design team calculates the available space, considers the lighting, and works with every client step by step to create one of the finest examples of seamless integration of theater architecture and the application of cutting-edge technology. The finished result is a place where our client can escape the every-day stresses of life, kick back and just relax.

This is how we work


With our experience we can help you dream up the best home theater ideas you might not have thought of yet. 


Our team can design whatever you can dream up or whatever we can dream up for you. 


We have a team of technicians ready to install your dream theater.